Courtesy of the Medical SLP Collective


-- Do you have any idea if any of those crumpled up handouts you found in that dusty old desk drawer were even created in this century?

-- What’s the research behind those copyrighted worksheets that your college roommate shouldn’t have copied for you but did anyways?  

-- Do you have any idea if anything on your clipboard is evidence-based or peer reviewed?  

I know you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off all day and sometimes you just need the info right at your fingertips.  

....From aphasia to dysarthria to dysphagia then voice, it's no wonder we're all losing our marbles.  

So although this contains months and months of resources that are inside the MedSLP Collective membership site, I decided that I just want this information out there… so I’m giving it to you.. for FREE.  

I just want you to have a place to start.  

We all have those patients where we are just stumped, but I want to support *YOU* in helping you start somewhere.  

This entire kit contains 30 resources written by 15 contributors that have all been blind peer-reviewed from university professors with over 150 references to support its contents.  

And your patients deserve to be treated with that sort of evidence, and you deserve to be the hero that brings it to them!  

You’re welcome!

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