Courtesy of the Medical SLP Collective

This entire kit contains 24 pages written by our contributors that have all been blind peer-reviewed from university professors with references included in the document.

You can TRUST the information is the best of evidence based practice.

  • Could you use some verifiable, peer-reviewed sources to reference when assessing your infants for feeding and swallowing disorders?
  • Are you concerned that the information you are relying on to assess pediatric patients is outdated or outright wrong?
  • Do you have any idea if the evaluation that your clinic or hospital is using to assess the tiniest most vulnerable patients is based on evidence?  
  • When you are running around the clinic like a chicken with its head cut off, wouldn’t it be nice to just have all the information necessary at your fingertips?

Think of how impressed those docs that refer to you will be… the pediatrician, the pediatric pulmonologist, the developmental specialist, the pediatric gastroenterologist… they will notice the improved quality of your reports.

So although this resource contains months of resources that are inside The MedSLP Collective membership site, I decided that I just want this information out there… so I’m giving it to you.. for FREE.

I want you to be grounded in your knowledge base and have a firm starting place when assessing your little ones.

You need to have a comprehensive evaluation template that will help you produce fantastic evaluations that will impress your referral sources and provide the families with the information they are seeking.

And your little ones deserve to be treated with that sort of evidence, and you deserve to be the hero that brings it to them!  

You are welcome!

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