Access Pediatric Medical SLP resources blind reviewed by university professors and backed references to support its contents.

Use this Clipboard Kit to guide your pediatric evaluations with confidence.

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Get grounded in your knowledge base and have a firm starting place when assessing your little ones.

You can impact multiple lives once you implement the Pediatric Clipboard Kit. Whether it's because you've impressed the pediatric pulmonologist, gained respect from the developmental specialist, or completely altered the plan of care because of your detailed findings, changes are bound to happen.

Although this resource contains months of resources that are inside The MedSLP Collective membership site, I’ve decided that this information should be out there for everyone… so I’m giving it to you.. for FREE.

When you're up to your eyeballs in job demands, wouldn't it be nice to just have all the information you need right at your fingertips?

Download the Pediatric MedSLP Clipboard Kit to support your assessments, impress your referral sources, and provide the families with the information they’ve been looking for.

Your tiny patients deserve to be treated with that sort of support, and you deserve to be the hero that brings it to them!